7 of the Best Hotels in Dublin

When you need a change of pace and a city break, where do you go? Dublin is a city worth discovering. From a trail of history weaving through the streets to a bustling nightlife scene, it can be a lot of fun. It’s also an amazing spot to use as an initial base for exploring other parts of Ireland.

In this article, I’m going to be sharing seven of the best hotels in Dublin with you. Hopefully they fill you with inspiration for your own trip.

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Choosing the Best Hotels in Dublin

It’s safe to say that Dublin is one of the most charismatic cities I’ve visited. Full of history and different attractions, there’s something for everyone, even on the rainiest of days. Trust me, that’s a good thing in a city like Dublin…this part of the world isn’t exactly known for its glorious weather.

When you’re not exploring the city streets, diving head first into historic gems and trying new delicious treats in cafés, you’re going to need somewhere to sleep. When choosing the best hotels in Dublin, I’ve tried to offer some variety to fuel your imagination.

1. Dylan Hotel

One of the only five-star boutique hotels in Dublin, it’s impossible to write this list without mentioning Dylan Hotel. If you like staying on quieter side streets for restful nights, the Dylan Hotel might be an option worth looking at.

Just a stone’s throw away from the Grand Canal, this hotel places you in great proximity to Baggot Street’s popular pubs and restaurants. Dublin’s main attractions are about a 20-minute walk away, including the National Museum of Ireland, the National Gallery of Ireland and Dublin Castle.

The rooms at Dylan Hotel are all comfortable and quiet, with the latter being a little bit harder to find in some parts of Dublin. The on-site restaurant “The Eddison” has a bright terrace and offers a lot of seasonal menus.

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2. Stauntons on the Green

Stauntons on the Green is one of my favourite places to stay when visiting friends in Dublin. If you’re a fan of natural views, the lawns and lake might just capture your attention. This hotel is also right next door to Ireland’s Museum of Literature. 

Many of the rooms here look over St. Stephen’s Green and I would highly recommend asking for a view of it. On the other side of the garden square, you can find the Little Museum of Dublin, the National Gallery of Ireland and the Trinity College Zoological Museum.

The rooms here have seen many famous faces pass through. It’s said that Stauntons on the Green is where Gerard Manley Hopkins wrote many of his poems. If you’re searching for inspiration, a stroll through Iveagh Gardens should help. The waterfall and woodland offer a secret garden ambience in the city.

Learn More: Stauntons on the Green (Official Website) | Stauntons on the Green (Booking.com)

3. The Wilder Townhouse

Set just on the other side of Iveagh Gardens, The Wilder Townhouse is a lovely boutique townhouse in the heart of Dublin. Nestled on a leafy road surrounded by old red brick buildings, you can easily access every area of the Irish capital from here.

To escape to nature, I would highly suggest walking up through Iveagh Gardens and St. Stephen’s Green, both of which are just five minutes away. The Grand Canal is also just around the corner. Great transport links make exploring Dublin an easy task from The Wilder Townhouse.

In buildings like this, I love seeing period features and little quirky touches. Some of the rooms have gorgeous fireplaces and little unique pieces of handmade furniture. But, all of the modern amenities are also available. After a long day of exploring, the walk-in rainforest showers are a nice touch.

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4. InterContinental Dublin

Looking for a luxurious hideaway in Dublin? InterContinental Dublin would be one of my first recommendations for you if you are. This place is perfect for anyone looking to relax as well as couples looking to just spend time together. It’s also a great option for those who just want exceptional service.

One of my favourite things about the InterContinental Dublin is the fact that it isn’t a central hotel. It has some amazing transport links nearby, but it’s the sort of place that fits in well with its surroundings. Some of Dublin’s main arenas and stadiums are close by so it’s an excellent choice if you’re attending an event. 

With neutral palettes and pops of colour, the rooms here are ideal. They’re all incredibly spacious, especially when compared to others around Dublin. There’s also a lovely dining area with huge windows that let light flood right in.

Learn More: InterContinental Dublin (Official Website) | InterContinental Dublin (Booking.com)

5. King Sitric

Do you like staying by the water? If you prefer views of the waterfront to the city centre, King Sitric might catch your attention. This charming place is in Howth, one of the prettiest seaside towns in Ireland. The train runs between Howth and Tara Street for easy access to Dublin. 

From walking along the coast and following the Cliff Path Loop hiking trail to eating delicious food, there’s a lot to do here. King Sitric is also close to Ye Olde Hurdy Gurdy Museum of Vintage Radio, home to a small collection that’s worth seeing for enthusiasts. 

King Sitric is a wonderful restaurant with a guesthouse attached. The rooms are all comfortable, with gorgeous views of the sea. They aren’t as luxurious as some of the rooms you’ll find in central Dublin, but they are all comfortable, lovely and worth it for the view of the coast.

Learn More: King Sitric (Official Website) | King Sitric (Booking.com)

6. The Shelbourne

Planning on exploring some museums while you’re in Dublin? The Shelbourne is a great hotel base for exploration. Just across the road from St. Stephen’s Green, it offers five-star luxuries and a restful night at the end of the day.

Within minutes, you can be at The Little Museum of Dublin, the National Museum of Ireland and a variety of different galleries. You can also use the neighbouring tram stops to get around Dublin with ease.

With rooms inside of an elegant Victorian building, it’s safe to say that there are a lot of beautiful things to find in The Shelbourne. From open fires to stained-glass windows, it’s a lot to take in. All of the rooms are wonderful and I would highly recommend asking for one with a view of St. Stephen’s Green.

Learn More: The Shelbourne (Official Website) | The Shelbourne (Booking.com)

Special Pick: Number 31

In each of these articles, I like to include a special pick. This is always somewhere unique and somewhere I would happily go back to. When it comes to Dublin, that would have to be Number 31. Here, modern and historic traits combine, giving a look that is hard to beat in an unassuming tucked away townhouse.

With a range of entertainment options on your doorstep, it’s hard not to love it here. You can get to St. Stephen’s Green and the surrounding museums and galleries quite quickly. Set off in the other direction and you’ll find yourself wandering along the Grand Canal.

You get to go with whatever floats your boat when it comes to the rooms here. Some pay homage to the building’s Georgian aesthetic, whereas others are strictly modern. With huge pops of colour, they really are quite charming.

Learn More: Number 31 (Official Website) | Number 31 (Booking.com)

Staying in the Best Hotels in Dublin

Dublin really is one of those amazing cities that takes the face of whatever you want it to be. It can be calm and casual or fun and full of life. I would highly recommend making a list of everything you want to see in the Irish capital and picking a good little hotel to relax in when you need to.

I hope that my picks for the best hotels in Dublin have helped to fill you with inspiration.

Do you have a favourite place to stay in Dublin or a hotel that you would love to share? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.