8 of the Best Hotels in Seoul

Seoul is one city that I love recommending to everyone who loves travelling, including solo female travellers going on their first adventure. When living in Japan, it was easy to pop across to the South Korean capital for short trips and it quickly became a firm favourite.

In this article, I’m going to be sharing eight of the best hotels in Seoul with you. Hopefully they fill you with inspiration for your own trip.

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Choosing the Best Hotels in Seoul

Seoul is a city with many faces. I would highly recommend choosing a hotel based on what you want to do and the type of area you prefer. While Myeongdong is great for shopping, Insadong places you just a stone’s throw away from some of Seoul’s most popular attractions. Gangnam can be beautiful, but expensive, and Hongdae is great for those looking for nightlife. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg and there’s a lot to explore. 

In this article, I’m not going to be sharing any traditional hanok houses. I will be sharing some in the future. They’re wonderful and many can be found in Bukchon Hanok Village if you would like a starting point for finding some.

1. Signiel Seoul

Seoul is home to a number of enchanting sights. Lotte World Tower is one of the most prominent, home to Seoul Sky, where the Sky Deck and Sky Terrace offer amazing views of the surrounding city. Signiel Seoul is in the same luxurious building and benefits from the same incredible panoramic views.

The location here couldn’t really be any better. Attractions like Seoul Secret Sky Garden, Sky Show and the Skybridge Tour are all in the building itself. Lotte World and the Lotte World Aquarium are on your doorstep. In the mornings, I would recommend a stroll through Songpa Naru Park.

It’s safe to say that the rooms here are perfect, especially when it comes to the view out of the floor-to-ceiling windows. As long as you’re not afraid of heights, I’m certain that you’ll find Seoul just as beautiful at night as it is during the day.

Learn More: Signiel Seoul (Official Website) | Signiel Seoul (Booking.com)

2. Park Hyatt Seoul

Another hotel offering impeccable views, Park Hyatt Seoul is a solid choice for a break in the city. This beautiful hotel is right in the heart of Gangnam, next to Samseong Station, which can offer an easy way to get around Seoul and explore. 

Park Hyatt Seoul is on the doorstep of many amazing attractions, including COEX Mall. Inside, you can find COEX Aquarium, Museum Kimchikan and plenty of shops. The Starfield Library is well worth a visit for the photos alone. Less than a mile away, you can find Bongeunsa, a storied Buddhist temple with amazing views.

The same luxury that can be found in many Park Hyatt hotels is mirrored here in Seoul. Polished wooden floors lead to floor-to-ceiling windows and urban views that captivate. For a Gangnam stay, Park Hyatt Seoul is definitely way up there on the list.

Learn More: Park Hyatt Seoul (Official Website) | Park Hyatt Seoul (Booking.com)

3. The Shilla Seoul

If we take a glimpse at Korean history, we can see that the Shilla Dynasty was truly something special. It was the golden age for arts, culture and prosperity. At The Shilla Seoul, we can see that illustrious period mirrored, blending transition with modern luxury. 

Jangchungdan Park is right on the doorstep of The Shilla Seoul, offering some lovely opportunities for little walks in the surrounding area. It isn’t a central hotel and it is up a hill, which some people may want to consider. I would class it as one of those “out of the way hotels” that are perfect to relax in.

The rooms here are all amazing, offering views of either Mount Namsan or the city. They are all quite simple, but comfortable beds and a relaxing environment will always be welcome in a bustling city. Each has been designed with a “timeless modern theme” in mind. For us, it’s the outdoor pool that stands as the cherry on top. 

Learn More: The Shilla Seoul (Official Website) | The Shilla Seoul (Booking.com)

4. Grand Hyatt Seoul

One of my personal favourite hotels in Seoul, Grand Hyatt Seoul on the slopes of Mount Namsan is perfect. The nightlife of Itaewon and the historical beauty of Gyeongbokgung Palace are easy to reach. 

When staying at the Grand Hyatt Seoul, I would highly recommend exploring the local area. Myeongdong and Itaewon are on your doorstep, offering lots of shopping opportunities. Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art is also easy to reach, as is Seoul Arts Center.

Straight off the bat, all the rooms and suites here have gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows, many of which are looking over either the Han River or Mount Namsan. They’re all sophisticated and comfortable, offering ample space to relax and watch the city as nightfall lights it up.

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5. Lotte Hotel Seoul

When it comes to exploration, Lotte Hotel Seoul is one of my favourite bases. Located right in the heart of Myeongdong, the entire area is full of entertainment. Some of Seoul’s best cultural attractions are right on your doorstep here.

When staying here, it’s worth visiting Gyeongbokgung Palace. It’s around 10 minutes away from the hotel, depending on how fast you walk. Gyeongbokgung Palace is often considered to be the most beautiful in the Korean capital.

I’ve only stayed in the Executive Tower and I would love to hear the opinions of anyone who has stayed in the Main Tower in the comments. I got to see beautiful views of Seoul’s skyline. While the rooms are quite simple, the proximity of this hotel to different attractions makes it a worthwhile choice.

Learn More: Lotte Hotel Seoul (Official Website) | Lotte Hotel Seoul (Booking.com)

6. Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul

Are there any companies you usually associate with specific destinations? As a brand, Banyan Tree is often associated with beachside destinations and luxury, not images of bustling Seoul. Upon discovering that there is a Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul, I had to visit to see how everything would fit together.

This Banyan Tree is in Namsan Park, offering a very different experience to the one most people who visit Seoul will be familiar with. Views of Mount Namsan can leave you feeling like you’re somewhere else entirely.

Mornings here are best spent relaxing and diving into the pool before exploring the city. This is a perfect option for anyone looking to blend relaxation with city experiences. The rooms are all spacious and it’s worth asking for one on the Namsan side. 

Learn More: Banyan Tree Club & Spa (Official Website) | Banyan Tree Club & Spa (Booking.com)

7. Conrad Seoul

Planning a trip that will mix business with pleasure? Many find that the Conrad Seoul is a great option for that, situated in Yeouido. The financial hub of Seoul, Yeouido is a business-focused area, but it’s also an enchanting spot overlooking the Han River.

The close presence of Yeouido Station makes exploring Seoul an easy task. You can easily get around the city using the subway. When you’re done adventuring for the day, the heated pool and Wellness Zone offer plenty of relaxing opportunities.

Straight off the bat, one of the things that I love about the rooms here is the “magic glass”. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s glass that turns from clear to frosted to offer privacy. I would recommend asking for a room with a view of the Han River, a gorgeous sight when the bridges light up at night.

Learn More: Conrad Seoul (Official Website) | Conrad Seoul (Booking.com)

Special Pick: RYSE

In each of these articles, I like to include a special pick. This is always somewhere unique and somewhere I would happily go back to. RYSE would have to be that pick for me in Seoul, nestled in the heart of Hongdae. This hotel has been specially designed to attract a number of creatives, capturing their spirit and flair. 

This hotel is a great one to stay in if you’re going to enjoy nightlife. It’s a wonderful choice and it houses an art gallery. What more could you ask for? The gallery focuses mostly on local artists, but you will find some international ones dotted around too.

The rooms are pretty unique, with suite names including Director and Executive Producer. While the simple Creative rooms are pretty cozy, they’re also great in terms of value. It’s the suites that really catch people’s attention, offering unique perspectives and artistic escapes.

Learn More: RYSE (Official Website) | RYSE (Booking.com)

Staying in the Best Hotels in Seoul

Seoul is one of those cities that can fit whatever mould you want it to fit. You can dance the night away, spend days shopping and trace the history of the city. I like to blend all three, but I would love to hear what you enjoy doing in Seoul. Hopefully it involves some delicious Korean food. 

I hope that my picks for the best hotels in Seoul have helped to fill you with inspiration.

Do you have a favourite place to stay in Seoul or a hotel that you would love to share? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.